Leya AI Secures €1M Pre-Seed to Transform Global Education

February 6, 2024
The co-founders of LeyaAI

Leya AI is on a mission to give access to personal coaching to everyone on the planet. Our team’s short-term focus is to revolutionize language learning methods by providing an affordable real-time speaking personal AI Tutor.

Our team working to bring personal AI Coaching to everyone, is excited to announce a recent oversubscribed €1M pre-seed funding round. We will use the funds to improve the AI English Tutor and keep growing our market share. V-Sharp Venture Studio, Inventure, BADideas.fund, and angel investors joined this round to support Leya’s vision.

English language skills continue to be highly sought after as they are the gateway to the world. There are 1.2B English learners today, and, yet, the majority of new learners find it hard to master the language. Reasons include insufficient numbers of tutors, lack of ways to practice speaking skills, and, of course, unaffordability.

5 years ago I was struggling with my English speaking skills too, tried various solutions, but nothing helped. That changed when I started to only speak in English for my daily life communication. I was talking with my Lithuanian friends, colleagues, and relatives only in English. It was difficult - it took me a year to see the desired results, and brought a lot of frustration for others. In other words, I experienced the pain of learning English deeply myself

Mindaugas Bruzas, CEO & Co-Founder at Leya AI

The team at Leya has developed a personal AI Tutor, leveraging Generative AI, to offer real-time speaking practice and feedback in a manner a human tutor would. Designed to disrupt traditional language learning methods, Leya AI Tutor promises to deliver enjoyable, guided, and effective coaching sessions, making personalised English language education accessible to learners worldwide.

Mindaugas, Donatas and the rest of the team at Leya AI are an outstanding example of what happens when a deep, personal experience with a problem meets passion, perseverance and the obsession with building a delightful product from a user-first perspective. They are creating a completely new category in education “personal coaching”, that will disrupt the existing industry and has the potential to improve a billion lives - and we believe that the ambitious team at Leya AI will be the one to lead this change

Matej Zabadal, Managing Partner at V-Sharp Venture Studio

The solution was built by a fully remote team of 7 people collaborating with professional English teachers, seeking to replicate the most engaging and useful classroom activities. Today, Leya AI offers a wide variety of lessons and roleplay scenarios aimed at helping learners improve their overall skills, develop vocabulary, and boost their confidence. It was 6 months ago that the team launched their beta version. Today, the platform serves thousands of users in over 100 different countries, all while being hundreds of times more affordable than regular tutors.

Leya AI's ambitions go beyond English tutoring, or even language tutoring. Instead, "We want Leya to become a human-like tutor that covers any life coaching domain. People are using more than 20 types of coaches - from tips on how to lose weight, to training on how to nail job interviews or become a sales guru, to name just a few. We believe in a future where each one of us has a dedicated personal AI coach who helps us to reach our full potential. We also want to drive this transformation forward. With the technologies we develop, our high product development velocity, and collaboration with experts in specific fields we’re equipped to expand our product’s value way beyond language learning. Ultimately, our mission is to bring personal coaching to everyone on the planet”, adds Mindaugas Bruzas.

With Leya AI, we are betting on an obsession with customer delight, a focus on unit economics, a relentless speed of product development and acquisition to stay ahead of the competition. In a market that is all about execution, we believe that the Leya AI team has the experience, passion, and mentality to build and scale quickly to stay ahead, while constantly improving how they get there

Raimonds Kulbergs, CEO of BADideas.fund

For the last four years, our team of Leya AI has been active in the language and speech technology space, focusing on underserved languages. “Leya AI technology has been enabled by recent Generative AI breakthroughs, especially in Large Language Models. However, our years of experience in the language field has given us a background to build something that has not been previously possible - real-time, human-like personalised tutoring for a fraction of the real-life price,” says Donatas Tamosauskas, CTO & Co-Founder at Leya AI.

The new funds will be used to attract and retain the best talent in Product, Engineering and other roles. If you are ambitious and eager to join Leya’s mission check out this page: https://careers.leyaai.com/

Leya AI (formerly known as Oxus.AI) was established in Lithuania in 2020 by co-founders Mindaugas Bruzas and Donatas Tamosauskas. Mindaugas, a seasoned CEO, comes from an entrepreneurial background and is the first investor and ex-board member of Interactio, a leading remote simultaneous interpretation platform. Donatas is a Machine Learning engineer turned founder who honed his AI skills at the National University of Singapore and had previously worked at Vinted – Lithuania’s first unicorn and Singapore’s fintech-AI startup FinGenesis. The company is fully remote, with colleagues in Lithuania, Finland, Spain, Austria, Bangladesh, and the Netherlands.

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